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Is your store having a quick sale?

We create high-quality temporary signage for all occasions and retail spaces

Promotional Signage for a limited time offer

Are you offering temporary services in the Wairarapa region?

Sometimes promotional signage only needs to stay for a shorter amount of time, and it needs to be something different from the traditional banners we are used to.

Select Signs offer temporary sign options for all your shorter marketing and advertisement options, from window displays to graphic stickers. It is essential that you get the right signage option for your temporary signs, so they can easily be removed and don’t cost a fortune. Be sure to tell this when you organise your design!

A strong brand presence makes a business look professional, and it’s less expensive than you’d think.

Temporary sign experts in Masterton

Contact the Select Signs team now if you want to promote your business or event with a temporary sign that is both effective and easy to remove. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to ensure your design is unique, eye-catching, and matches your branding. We offer a free no-obligation quote, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your temporary signage needs in the Wairarapa region!

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Contact the team today

Get in touch with us now to discuss your temporary sign needs and let us help you achieve your goals. We will offer you a free quote and answer any questions you might have about our sign production process!