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Want a car signage option that’s temporary, and you can remove it whenever you want?

Get Magnetic Car Signage with Select Signs for high-quality beautiful temporary signage

Magnetic Car Signage

Magnetic signs offer a flexible way to promote your business swiftly, without permanently altering your vehicle’s appearance. They are an excellent option if you wish to use your personal car for commercial purposes while retaining its original design. With magnetic signs, you have the freedom to choose where to place them, and you can easily attach or remove them as desired.

At Select Signs in Wairarapa, we can design a magnetic sign that suits your business and provides you with the flexibility to use it whenever and wherever you want.

Quality Magnets At Select Signs

Select Signs’ magnets are highly durable, resistant to weather and wind, so you can be confident that your signage won’t come loose while you’re on the go. We specialize in fully customized signs that are tailored to your business, featuring your colours, logos, and patterns that are sure to catch the attention of pedestrians and other drivers, leaving a lasting first impression.

Our team at Select Signs in Wairarapa can produce these types of signs in various sizes and shapes to fit different car models and types, ensuring that you get the best option for your specific requirements. We will design a sign that is unique to your business and vehicle, whether it’s a car, van, or ute. Our signs are also fade-resistant, ensuring that they last for an extended period and exhibit your business’s professionalism. Let our professional team create a temporary signage solution that works for you!

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.

Get in touch if you need a temporary sign

Select Signs in Wairarapa can create a perfect, durable sign for your vehicle. Reach out to our team with your design concept, and we will be delighted to bring it to life, providing your business with a fresh advertising space. Let us transform your car signage aspirations into reality!