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Got Big Street Facing Windows?

Get your windows working for you

Window Frosting

If you feel exposed in your office, home, or any other space in the Wairarapa region and desire a more private environment for yourself and your clients, window frosting is an excellent solution. It improves privacy, security, decoration, and safety while also enhancing the look of your commercial or private space. By frosting your windows, you can add a decorative touch while also creating a more secluded atmosphere.

Select Signs is available to assist you throughout the entire process and can provide recommendations for improving the professional appearance of your premises. Contact us now to learn more about our window frosting services!

Why Select Signs?

Select Signs has numerous years of experience creating window frostings for a variety of commercial spaces, resulting in satisfied clients. Our knowledgeable team will collaborate with you throughout the entire process, providing guidance on designing the window frosting and recommending various finishes to achieve the desired outcome.

At Select Signs, we can create mural-style finishes, custom faded frosting, or solid block-out frosting for windows of any size. The design possibilities are limitless, and we can even incorporate your business branding into the frosting to achieve a professional appearance. Our team handles the entire process from design to manufacturing and installation, eliminating the need for you to manage multiple companies to achieve the end product.

So, if you want a professional and experienced team to work on your windows and deliver the desired outcome quickly and efficiently, contact Select Signs today to begin your journey!

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Get in touch with the team

If you have any questions regarding our window frosting services and how we can assist you in achieving the design you desire, please contact our team today. We are available to support you throughout the entire process and make it as hassle-free as possible. Contact Select Signs today to begin your journey and discover how we can help you!